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We work to deliver tangible results with practical, sustainable solutions by bringing unique value to the energy market that increases economic competitiveness.

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We partner with many state and federal agencies to provide consulting and technical delivery of work on many topics, ranging from building energy codes to the use of energy efficiency to meet air quality requirements. Many members of our team have experience working with or for government agencies, providing strong technical abilities along with an understanding of government specific needs.

Electric Utilities

We are driven to improve how energy is used and understand how it affects our customer’s well-being and bottom line.  We discover solutions by evaluating current energy programs or creating and implementing new ones. Our goal is to achieve what our customers define as success. Our team is uniquely qualified to work with electric utilities in today’s unpredictable environment


Our approach to providing energy efficiency services for manufacturing clients means our offices are actually located in the field – on location investigating, analyzing and reporting. We work with you to understand energy usage, from rate structures and schedules to consumption and conservation measures. Our team strives to improve products, processes and services by minimizing energy losses.


Advanced Energy Assists Cummins in Achieving Superior Energy Performance Certification

Cummins set a goal to improve energy performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the Rocky Mount, NC plant as part of its corporate energy and environmental goals. See how the Superior Energy Performance program and Advanced Energy helped Cummins achieve these results. In partnership…
ev ready homes

How Electric Vehicles can Economically Benefit Electric Utilities

The transportation sector accounts for 28 percent of the United States’ energy consumption. To fuel the over 250 million vehicles in our country we import a large amount of foreign oil. Just last year, we spent over $179 billion on imported oil.  Imagine if we…
lean manu

Lean Manufacturing Processes Improve Energy Intensity and Profitability for Utility Industrial Customers

Advanced Energy’s Michael Stowe authored a report recently published by  the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), outlining the processes and benefits of lean manufacturing. EPRI requested the article to benefit the industrial customers of its member utilities. Electrical utility account executives and their industrial customers should…