We believe that People + Purpose + Process = Profits

And in the residential industry, we believe that collaborating and supporting contractors in the field allows us all to have more impact by being more efficient, effective and economical with all work.

In Advanced Energy’s HVAC Credentialing Program for ENERGY STAR New Homes, we provide:
  • Best-in-class ENERGY STAR training to your company’s staff and subcontractors
  • On-demand technical resources that support profitable and quality installations
  • Friendly and expert technical assistance via phone, email and on-site
  • Quality assurance services that meet the ENERGY STAR program’s requirements while maximizing profits
We look forward to being of service to you and hope you take advantage of the resources and support we offer to help you be more successful.

Our Support of Your ENERGY STAR work is transferable… We believe that earning and keeping our relationship should be more meaningful and valuable than just paying for a credential certificate. We support your company’s business, technical and marketing success and growth, whether a new or established ENERGY STAR contractor. Benefits from our ENERGY STAR program support and resources can be applied to any of your houses whether seeking code-compliance or an above-code certification.

Become a Credentialed Member and Access Resources… Join our network of credentialed, quality-assured and supported HVAC contractors working in the ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes program today! We offer a simple, four-step online process:

  1. Complete and submit your membership enrollment application and payment online.
  2. Take our online training.
  3. After the exam, receive your membership welcome package with certificate and access to videos and resources.
  4. Renew your membership yearly online.
Does your business need Credentialing, Membership, Oversight?

If your business is ONLY hydronic systems and/or
variable refrigerant systems such as ducted or ductless mini splits (DHPs).

If your business is ONLY design/ load calculation related.
If your business installs any heating and cooling system with ductwork.