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Motor Driven Systems Matter
Motor Driven Systems Matter
Motor driven systems are estimated to account for approximately 50% of all electricity generated in the world. This fact is what first attracted Advanced Energy to motors in the late 1980ies and why we continue to work diligently today at making motor driven systems as energy efficient and reliable as possible. This energy used by motor driven systems and the processes that rely on them to run effectively is also why many others in the industry take special care with motors. Many countries today have rules and regulations for minimum efficiency performance and they continue to expand.

We know motors and drives. Our specialists are dedicated to constantly learning to help you meet your goals - whether it is to ensure motor efficiency and safety compliance, ensure quality motor repair, or provide independent testing results. Let us be an extension of your team and help you improve reliability, increase productivity, and reduce energy consumption.

Our accuracy is another reason why clients engage our lab for motor and drive testing. NVLAP requires a repeatability of 0.2 points of efficiency with every test and an we have internal quality process that proves we are well within that tolerance. Accuracy does matter as a few tenths of 1 point can mean the difference in thousands of operating dollars.

Our independence is a major factor in why our clients choose to work with us. We do not promote, sell, or even recommend any specific motor or drive related products. When you choose to work with Advanced Energy’s motor and drive team you will be working with experienced engineers with no bias.
About the lab
In 1997, Advanced Energy became the first motor lab in the world to be accredited for motor efficiency testing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Code: 200081-0). We remain the only independent motor lab in North America to hold this accreditation which makes us uniquely qualified to help evaluate and validate motors, drives and related products.

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