SAS joins the Workplace Charging Challenge

SAS Institute, located in Cary, NC, is home to five percent of the electric vehicles purchased in North Carolina. The organization’s cultural commitment to environmental practices has encouraged their employees to be early adopters of PEVs. Recently they became a partner of the U.S Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, furthering their dedication to assisting employees with charging needs.

Partners who sign the Workplace Charging Pledge agree to assess employee charging demand and develop a plan to install charging stations. After implementing the plan, partners agree to share progress on achieving milestones and best practices.

SAS has seen a steady growth in PEVs over the past few years. In 2010, three employees owned electric vehicles. In 2011, two elective vehicle charging stations were installed at their LEED Platinum certified building. In 2012, the company held a Nissan Leaf test drive event on campus that resulted in additional purchases. This year, SAS has 12 charging stations installed and employees own a combined number of 85 PEVs.

To support this growing trend, SAS has put together an “EVSE Use and Policy Guideline.” All charging is available free of charge, but there is a four hour time limit per car. Employees are encouraged to keep track of their charging time so that all cars will get a chance to plug in.

Zane Lichtneger, Sustainability Analyst at SAS, presented at the last NC PEV Taskforce webinar on workplace charging. He explained that SAS has seen multiple benefits from their charging initiatives including employee recruitment and retention, LEED certification points, greenhouse gas reduction, and general public relations benefits.

Congratulations SAS on these great accomplishments and thank you for joining the Workplace Charging Challenge!

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