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NC PEV Readiness State-Wide by Chapter

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: NC PEV Taskforce: Stakeholders and Taskforce Meetings and Community Readiness Plans
Chapter 3: Vehicles
Chapter 4: Infrastructure
Chapter 5: Policies, Codes and Standards
Chapter 6: Education and Outreach
Chapter 7: Incentives and Economic Development
Chapter 8: Electric Utilities
Chapter 9: Implementation
Appendix 1: Community Readiness Assessment Table
Appendix 2: Table of Recommendations
Appendix 3: NC PEV Taskforce Framing Document
Appendix 4: Barriers and Opportunities
Appendix 5: NC Utility PEV Readiness Matrix
Appendix 6: Maps
Appendix 7: Ride and Drive Kit
Appendix 8: References/Resources
Appendix 9: Plug In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Incentives Analysis and Options for North Carolina
Appendix 10: DC Fast Charge Infrastructure


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