Advanced Energy Welcomes Jenna Key as Administrative Assistant for NC GreenPower

By Jonathan Susser | June 8, 2017

Advanced Energy is happy to welcome Jenna Key as a new administrative assistant for NC GreenPower. Jenna is a North Carolina native and grew up in the small city of Southport, near Wilmington. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree in nutrition from Meredith College.

After graduate school, Jenna spent two years as an office manager at Healthy Diets Inc., a nutritional counseling company, and then worked as an executive assistant at Rho, a clinical research organization in Chapel Hill. When the position at NC GreenPower opened up, Jenna was intrigued. She enjoys learning about new fields, and she had hoped to work closer to her home in Raleigh. It seemed to be an excellent opportunity.

As NC GreenPower’s administrative assistant, Jenna will work closely with local solar energy generators. Generators are individuals or companies who supply renewable energy to the grid, and Jenna will process generator applications and send out payments and incentives for each kilowatt-hour of renewable energy that is supplied. For small solar photovoltaic arrays, the current incentive provides 6 cents per kWh. Along with supporting generators, Jenna will help coordinate the quarterly NC GreenPower board meetings, where she will also take minutes and provide progress updates.

Advanced Energy and NC GreenPower are excited to have Jenna on board to continue to support renewable energy and improve North Carolina’s environment. Her experience in administration makes her a great fit and will allow her to effectively navigate the industry.