Advanced Energy Welcomes Travis Kiser as a Motors and Drives Co-op

By Jonathan Susser | September 7, 2017

Advanced Energy and the motors and drives team are excited to have Travis Kiser as a new co-op through North Carolina State University’s Cooperative Education Program. Travis grew up in Catawba County and is currently a junior at N.C. State, where he is majoring in mechanical engineering.

Travis was surrounded by mechanical engineering from a young age. His grandfather, father and brother have all worked in the field. As he got older, Travis enjoyed taking objects apart and putting them back together, and he excelled at math. These experiences inspired him to continue the family tradition and pursue mechanical engineering in college. This past summer, Travis completed an internship with GKN, an automotive and aerospace components company, where he helped make powdered aluminum for car parts. When the time came to choose a co-op opportunity at N.C. State, Travis was drawn to Advanced Energy for its emphasis on hands-on problem solving. He knew it would be a great fit.

Travis has been at Advanced Energy for just a couple of weeks, but he has already learned a lot and gotten the experience he was seeking. Travis has been working closely with Mike Lyda, motor lab coordinator, to learn the ropes. He has been helping test motors by mounting them on the dynamometer, a machine that measures a motor’s power output, and preparing data sheets. He is eager to continue to improve his knowledge and skills before returning to N.C. State to take classes in the spring. Travis will then come back to Advanced Energy next summer and fall to finish the co-op program. In these later rotations, he will also take on more of a mentoring role for new co-ops.

Down the road, Travis hopes to be in an engineering position where he can contribute throughout the design process, from initial development of an idea to hands-on construction and delivery. The experience he will receive at Advanced Energy will greatly help him reach this goal. Travis is excited to be on board, and the motors and drives team is likewise excited to have him promote and grow its work.