Advanced Energy Welcomes Brooks Camp as Solar Energy Technologist

By Jonathan Susser | September 22, 2017

Advanced Energy’s solar team is excited to welcome Brooks Camp as a solar energy technologist. Brooks grew up in Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in soil and water science. He later completed a master’s degree in appropriate technology and building science at Appalachian State University. He comes to Advanced Energy with extensive experience in the solar industry.

Brooks most recently worked for Carolina Solar Services, a third-party contractor that partners with utility-scale solar farms to perform maintenance and monitoring. As the regional operations and maintenance manager, Brooks was exposed firsthand to the growth of solar in North Carolina, which currently ranks second in the United States in cumulative solar capacity installed. Prior to Carolina Solar Services, Brooks worked for a residential solar company and spent 2.5 years in Malawi with the Peace Corps.

Brooks was drawn to Advanced Energy in part for the opportunity to engage in a different aspect of the solar industry. At Carolina Solar Services, he was primarily involved with the DC side of photovoltaic (PV) facilities. In his new role, he will work more with AC equipment. Although Brooks will be able to apply much of his prior knowledge, he will also learn another set of principles and codes. He will spend much of his time in the field, helping inspect and assess utility-scale and commercial-scale PV systems, and then writing reports with findings and recommendations. With solar continuing to grow, it is essential that PV facilities are properly designed and constructed so that they are of high quality, reliable and safe.

Brooks’ experience in solar technology will allow him to help tackle the challenges facing the industry, utilities community and Advanced Energy. He is eager to contribute his knowledge and skills, and the solar team is excited for the additional expertise to promote and grow its work.