Advanced Energy Welcomes Berry McMurray as Solar Energy Technologist

By Kristi Brodd | November 3, 2017

Advanced Energy’s solar team is growing once again, as it welcomes Berry McMurray as a new solar energy technologist. Berry is originally from Virginia but has spent most of his life in North Carolina, and he graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in computer science. After working in the computer science industry for a number of years, Berry decided to switch gears and join the rapidly growing solar field.  

Berry comes to Advanced Energy most recently from Carolina Solar Services, a third-party contractor that partners with utility-scale solar farms to perform maintenance and monitoring. Berry worked as the regional operations and maintenance manager and experienced firsthand the expansion of solar in North Carolina. The state currently ranks second in the U.S. in cumulative solar capacity installed.

Berry’s background in operations and maintenance provided him with a good foundation, but he was eager to further his development. The solar energy technologist position at Advanced Energy intrigued him because he saw it as an opportunity to become more of a specialist. He was also interested in the relationships between solar farms and electric utilities. In his new role, Berry will spend most of his time in the field, helping inspect and troubleshoot utility- and commercial-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, and taking photos and writing reports with findings and recommendations. With the continued growth of solar technology, it is essential that PV facilities are designed and constructed to be of high quality, reliable and safe.

Outside of work, Berry enjoys spending time outdoors and sailing. He also recently became an apiarist, or beekeeper. Although he is still perfecting his craft, he manages two hives that contain tens of thousands of bees.

Berry’s prior experience makes him a great fit and will help him navigate the challenges facing the industry, utilities community and Advanced Energy. He is excited to share his knowledge and skills, and the solar team is likewise excited to have him further its work.