Advanced Energy Welcomes Hayden Carll as a Motors and Drives Co-op

By Jonathan Susser | January 24, 2018

Advanced Energy and the Motors and Drives team are happy to welcome Hayden Carll as a new co-op through North Carolina State University’s Cooperative Education Program. Hayden was born and raised in western New York and moved to North Carolina to begin school at N.C. State. He is currently majoring in aerospace engineering and plans to graduate in 2020.

Growing up, Hayden was excited by spaceflight, and he saw aerospace engineering as a great way to challenge himself and apply his interests. He also enjoyed working and interacting with technology. When it came time for Hayden to select a co-op position at N.C. State, Advanced Energy seemed like an excellent opportunity. He would be able to gain hands-on experience and use the skills he had learned at home and in the classroom. It also aligned well with his passion for environmental sustainability.

Hayden joined Advanced Energy just a couple of weeks ago but has already immersed himself in the day-to-day activities. He has been working closely with Brett Elizondo, a second-rotation co-op, and Mike Lyda, motor lab coordinator, to learn the ropes of handling, testing and logging motors. Hayden is eager to improve his knowledge and understanding, and he will have many opportunities to do so: once this rotation is complete, he will return for two more and gain additional independence.

Outside of work and school, Hayden is an avid hiker. He recently completed all high peaks at Shenandoah National Park, and he hopes to one day become a 46er – a title given to individuals who climb all 46 of the High Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains.

The co-op program is a win-win for all involved: Hayden will gain first-hand experience that he can take and apply in the future (he hopes to pursue work in missile defense contracting), and the Motors and Drives team gets to mentor future generations of engineers while having additional support to grow its work.