Advanced Energy Welcomes Dontae Jones as an Information Systems Specialist

By Jonathan Susser | April 16, 2019

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Dontae Jones as an Information Systems Specialist. While a native to the Rocky Mount, North Carolina, area, Dontae earned an associate’s degree in computer information technology, a Microsoft Office Specialist certification and a Networking Technology certificate from Nash Community College. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information and computer technology and a variety of certifications at East Carolina University. Dontae’s anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Dontae first became interested in computer technology at a young age. After receiving a PlayStation 2 for Christmas and playing it for six months, he decided to tear it down to study its inner workings. Unfortunately, the console did not survive, but that initial experience did not discourage him. Several years later, at age 17, he (successfully) built his own gaming tower.

Dontae has since held various roles in the information technology (IT) field. He has experience maintaining, supporting and installing different types of software and has drafted IT policies and procedures. Furthermore, through his Microsoft Office Specialist certification, he has proficiency in several Office programs, including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Dontae first joined Advanced Energy in December 2018 as a temporary employee, and he recently accepted a permanent role. What drew him to the company originally – and motivated him to stay – were the people and flexible work schedule.

As an information systems specialist, Dontae is tasked with making sure all IT assets (software, hardware, etc.) are functional and operating as intended to ensure the day-to-day success of Advanced Energy operations and employees.

When he’s not working or furthering his education, Dontae can often be found jogging, landscaping or dissecting some new piece of technology.

Dontae’s prior experience and background in the IT field make him a great fit for Advanced Energy, and he is excited to be able to continue to support the company’s efforts.