Advanced Energy Welcomes Jacob Burleson as a Motors and Drives Co-op

By Jonathan Susser | May 30, 2019

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Jacob Burleson as a new motors and drives co-op through NC State University’s Cooperative Education Program. Jacob grew up in Boone, North Carolina, and is a rising junior at NC State. He is majoring in electrical engineering with a concentration in renewable electric energy systems and a minor in math.

Jacob’s interest in electrical engineering emerged out of a joy for tinkering and building. As a kid, he loved playing with Lego sets, and as he got older, he moved on to dissecting and mending computers and other gadgets. When he started exploring co-op opportunities at NC State, Advanced Energy seemed like a great fit. It aligned well with his interest in sustainability, and he would get to tinker some more – now with electric motors – and learn skills related to power-based electrical engineering, a field he wants to pursue in the future.

Jacob joined Advanced Energy and the motor lab a couple of weeks ago and has been quickly learning the ropes from fellow co-ops Charlie Phillips and Travis Kiser. In his new role, he is helping to handle, test and log motors, and overall, he will do three rotations in the lab, gaining independence and additional responsibilities along the way.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys being outdoors, playing sports and watching movies and TV shows (his favorite genre is sci-fi).

The co-op program is a win-win for all involved: Jacob gains hands-on experience he can use down the road, and the motors and drives team gets to mentor future engineers and continue to grow its work.