Advanced Energy Welcomes Landon Coleman as a Technical Specialist

By Jonathan Susser | June 6, 2019

Advanced Energy and the solar team are excited to welcome Landon Coleman as a technical specialist. Landon is originally from Newton, North Carolina, and attended Appalachian State University. After initially earning a bachelor’s degree in appropriate technology, he went on to obtain a Master of Technology in building science and a Master of Business Administration.

Landon started his college career studying physics but became interested in renewable energy as he learned more about the appropriate technology program, where he was exposed to emerging technologies and building science principles. He then pursued an MBA to better understand the inner workings of business processes and their influence on the renewable industry. After graduating, he headed to the Raleigh area for an internship at a solar company.

When the opportunity at Advanced Energy opened up, it seemed like a great fit. Landon would get to broaden his expertise and gain more hands-on field experience, something he eagerly desired after his years of primarily classroom learning.

As a technical specialist, Landon will indeed spend much of his time visiting solar projects and supporting Advanced Energy’s Solar Interconnection Commissioning Program to ensure that independent power producer facilities that are interconnected to the utility grid comply with necessary documentation, codes and standards. He will help troubleshoot photovoltaic systems and write reports detailing the findings.

When he’s not working, Landon enjoys mountain biking, bowling (his high score is 297) and golfing.

Landon is excited to get out in the field and support Advanced Energy’s solar team, and the group is happy to have him on board.