About the Study:

Advanced Energy and Southern Energy Management are conducting a study on the potential benefits of home battery systems. We are seeking 20 homeowners who would like to install a Tesla Powerwall. As part of the study, we will seamlessly deploy your Tesla battery in short durations during times of peak electric demand. Power stored in your home battery will be utilized for up to four hours, typically during the summer and winter. These deployments will only occur during the 24 month program participation. Outside of these events, you will be able to manage your intelligent energy storage and consumption as you see fit.

Participant Benefits and Incentives:

  • Receive $1,500 off the cost of a Tesla Powerwall
  • The Powerwall will provide you with:
    • Backup power in the event of a grid outage (without a noisy generator)
    • The opportunity to combine with solar energy to dramatically reduce your electric bill
    • The ability to transform your new home into the next generation of smart homes
  • Help shape energy efficiency and demand side management programs and opportunities for North Carolina homeowners
Example of Tesla Powerwall Monitoring App

Study Eligibility:

The study is open to Duke Energy Progress Residential New Construction homes that have been built since 2018 or are currently under construction.

If you are interested in joining the study and receiving $1,500 off the cost of a Powerwall, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get started by filling out the form to learn more about this study, have your Tesla Powerwall questions answered, and find out whether your home qualifies.
  2. Contract with Southern Energy Management
    • Select size/capacity of Tesla Powerwall package
    • Sign contract. Limited-time $1,500 field pilot discount will be applied at time of purchase
    • Coordinate with installation details
  3. Southern Energy Management will install the Tesla Powerwall at your home
    • Typically installed in garage, storage room or basement
    • All wiring and connections will be professionally installed and approved by local code inspections
    • Tesla Powerwall will need to be connected to the internet for optimal efficiency, any future updates and to be easily controlled through the Tesla Powerwall “Home Energy Gateway”
  4. Download the Tesla Powerwall “Home Energy Gateway” smartphone app (if interested)
    • The free app keeps you informed on the performance of your system (e.g., power flow, energy impacts, backup history, customize options, etc.)
  5. Field study involvement
    • Through Tesla controls, each study home Powerwall will be seamlessly deployed in short durations
      1. Mainly during the summer and winter seasons
      2. Up to four hours at a time
    • This study should not have a negative impact on your utility bills
    • Program participation will be 24 months

COVID-19 Concerns:

The safety and wellness of all participants in the study are our highest priority. Please click here to read the safety precautions and protocols.

Contact Information:

Phone: 919-924-8862

Email: danderson@southern-energy.com

About Advanced Energy and Southern Energy Management:

Advanced Energy is a nonprofit energy consulting firm based in Raleigh, NC. Advanced Energy has worked in the North Carolina energy industry for 40 years as an independent trusted resource for investigating emerging technologies. More information: www.advancedenergy.org

Southern Energy Management, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, was founded in 2001 and is a certified B Corp specializing in energy efficiency services and solar power for homeowners, builders and businesses in the Southeast. More information: https://southern-energy.com