About AE

Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., Advanced Energy is a planning, technical and engineering services firm that provides market-based energy solutions. We work with electric utilities, state, federal and local governments, manufacturers and a wide variety of public and private partners. Advanced Energy offers program design and implementation, consulting, training, testing and research to provide market-based energy-related solutions for our five markets: Buildings, Industrial, Motors and Drives, Renewables and Transportation. Click on the icons below to learn about our services.


Advanced Energy means combining research with expertise and collaboration to provide economic, environmental and societal benefits to energy issues. In each of the markets we serve, we take a whole systems approach to discovering, developing and implementing sustainable solutions.

We do this by working to:

  1. Understand and manage energy to reduce costs and increase economic competitiveness
  2. Help our communities prepare for transportation innovations powered by alternative fuels
  3. Make our homes healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient
  4. Improve the performance of motors and drives systems
  5. Get the most from your energy investments