About Advanced Energy

Our mission is to provide economic, environmental and societal benefits
through innovative and market-based approaches to energy issues.

Advanced Energy is a nonprofit energy consulting firm. We work with electric utilities, government and a wide variety of public and private organizations in the residential, commercial and industrial, solar, motors and drives and electric vehicle markets. Our customized services include research, testing, training, consulting and program design.

How we work:

At Advanced Energy we combine research with expertise and collaboration to provide economic, environmental and societal benefits.┬áIn each of the markets we serve, we take a whole systems approach to discovering, developing and implementing solutions. We do this through what we call the “impact curve.” Each of our service offerings aims to transform the market. In our experience, the amount of impact increases with the type of service. It is our goal to work with clients at the beginning of the curve until the end, in order to make the most impact.