Message from the President

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For 40 years, Advanced Energy has been a leader in the electric energy sector, exploring, researching and supporting emerging technologies that benefit energy consumers and the environment. From energy efficiency to renewables, we have partnered with the electric utility industry across the country to help provide clean, affordable, reliable, efficient and safe energy for the 21st century.

As our knowledgeable staff embarks toward the future, new developments are arising to improve our way of life, and we are working hard to ensure that these changes provide economic, environmental and societal benefits. Advanced Energy is applying research and providing practical services in the electric transportation, residential, commercial and industrial, motors and drives, and solar markets. We are also guiding our clients through innovative ways of promoting and managing beneficial electrification, battery storage and other distributed energy resources.

Please explore our site to see the energy services capabilities we offer as we continue forward to the next 40 years.quote up

– Robert Goodson, President and Executive Director

Robert Goodson