Message from the President

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The current market trend might be based on green and eco-friendly alternatives, but this has been a way of life for Advanced Energy during its more than 30 years of service. Our knowledge in the energy efficiency industry – across a broad spectrum of traditional and emerging markets – paired with the unprecedented abilities of our staff makes Advanced Energy stand out against other ‘green’ companies. Why? Because we truly care about the impact we make.

We’re not just about state-of-the-art processes, procedures and results that make energy alternatives possible. We’re about collaboration. Teamwork. Partnerships. “Advanced” Energy is an energy future where the energy needs of our society—from elderly home owners to manufacturing industries to everyone who drives a car or takes public transportation—are met at a reasonable cost to our pocketbooks and to the environment.

In another 30 years, Advanced Energy will continue to build upon the knowledge and standards implemented today in order to progress toward a more energy efficient society. Together, we can find better ways to support alternative energy sources while ensuring that the expansion of these sources on the electrical grid does not put an extra rate burden on the general populace.

As a visitor to our site, I invite you to come explore the possibilities with us. And I challenge you to change how you think about how you use and manage energy today, so we can have a better tomorrow.quote up

– Dr. Robert Koger, President and Executive Director

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