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Roanoke Electric Cooperative, Fermata Energy Show Promise of Vehicle-to-X Technology

By Jonathan Susser, PhD and Daniel Real, PhD | October 5, 2021

In late 2020, Roanoke Electric Cooperative, energy technology company Fermata Energy and a team of clean energy organizations, including Advanced Energy, launched a pilot project to explore the potential of electric vehicle (EV) “vehicle-to-X” (V2X) applications. V2X is an example[…]

Plug-in NC: A Decade of Driving Electric

By Alexis Giannattasio | August 30, 2021

In 2011, the electric vehicle (EV) landscape in North Carolina was still a dream on the horizon. Though talk had been circling for a few years, it was time to act. Advanced Energy joined other pioneers under a shared goal[…]

The Perks of Battery-Powered Boating

By Jonathan Susser | July 3, 2021

Q: With gas prices on the rise recently — and the stress of finding gas during the shortage a couple of months ago — my family is looking to electrify more of our home gear. In particular, we’ve been considering an electric-powered fishing boat.[…]

Charging Up at Home

By Jonathan Susser | July 23, 2020

Although the financial, environmental and performance benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) often get the most attention, another perk is their convenience. What if, rather than having to stop at a gas station on your way home from work or an[…]