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Mike Stowe Presenting at mfgCON 2017

By Jonathan Susser | August 16, 2017

mfgCON is North Carolina’s premier conference for manufacturing. It brings together local professionals from across the industry to learn about new trends and best practices, network with potential colleagues and build relationships with future collaborators. This year’s event will be[…]

Advanced Energy Attending IETC 2017

By Jonathan Susser | May 24, 2017

The industrial sector consumes approximately one-third of the energy used in the United States, but much of that energy – about half – is lost or wasted due to inefficient systems and end use. To promote energy efficiency and management[…]

Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Settings

By Jonathan Susser | March 22, 2017

In commercial and industrial buildings, lighting helps create a safe and comfortable environment. It also contributes substantially to energy usage: it can exceed 20 percent of total consumption. Investing in energy efficient lighting and other lighting improvements, therefore, is a[…]

Kitt Butler Presents at 2016 Motor Summit

By Jonathan Susser | November 10, 2016

The Motor Summit is a conference organized by Impact Energy, and held every other year in Zurich, Switzerland. It brings together a variety of professionals and organizations working in the motors and drives industry to share developments and updates. This[…]