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New Quality Motor Rewind Program with AEP Ohio

By Kristi Brodd | August 4, 2015

Quality motor repair offers significant opportunities for energy savings and reliability benefits. AEP Ohio, a unit of American Electric Power, recognized this and decided to reward companies that were performing such repairs. Working with Advanced Energy, AEP Ohio launched a[…]

Proven Efficiency Verification for Motor Repair

By Kristi Brodd | August 10, 2014

Advanced Energy’s quality assurance program for motor repair to ensure consistency and maintained efficiency Become a PEV partner today! Download the application here. Offer your customers high-quality repairs that restore efficient and reliable motors to operation. Motor repair service centers[…]

Guidelines to Good Motor Repair

By Kristi Brodd | March 17, 2010

A good motor repair is a two-way street. It will help if you can provide the following information or answer the following questions: Complete nameplate information including manufacturer, horsepower, speed, voltage, phase, enclosure, catalog, part and/or model number, frame size[…]