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Deciding “Yes” on Solar

By Jonathan Susser | June 27, 2020

This article was written by Luke Henry, one of our distributed utility technical specialists. You’ve done the research and have decided to install solar at your home. What’s next to keep the process moving? To know what else to expect[…]

Is it smart to invest in smart home technology?

By Jonathan Susser | June 15, 2020

Approximately 80% of Americans have smartphones, but other forms of smart technology — technology that gives users more ways to customize their home — are growing in popularity. These devices offer new levels of control, freedom and security and can[…]

House Hunting for Energy Efficiency

By Jonathan Susser | May 22, 2020

Perhaps another factor in your home search should be energy efficiency. What does an energy efficient home look like? Often, it looks nearly identical to a less efficient home, but there are some strong indicators that a home may have[…]

What to Know Before Installing Solar at Home

By Jonathan Susser | May 20, 2020

This article was written by Luke Henry, one of our distributed utility technical specialists. Looking into home solar can be exciting but also a bit daunting. Below, we outline a few areas worth knowing about, including components, characteristics, locations, sizing,[…]

SystemVision COVID-19 Updates

By Kristi Brodd | April 21, 2020

For the past 20 years, Advanced Energy has been proud to manage the SystemVision program. With nearly 6,000 homes certified, we are grateful to all of our affiliates, builders, raters, tradespeople and invested partners. Without you there truly would not[…]

A History of Advanced Energy’s Residential Team

By Jonathan Susser | April 10, 2020

We at Advanced Energy have been supporting and contributing to the residential market for 40 years. Thanks to our flexibility and partnerships with professionals from across the industry — from owners to contractors to builders to program implementers to electric[…]

Convenience & Energy Savings with Smart Speakers

By Jonathan Susser | January 3, 2020

A: Smart speakers are definitely popular holiday gifts, and they continue to pop up in homes across the country. The Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod — there is no shortage of options these days. At their most basic level, smart speakers[…]

Are power attic ventilators smart to use?

By Jonathan Susser | October 1, 2019

Attics can get hot. At a certain point — if this heat starts to affect comfort, for example — homeowners may decide to take action. Maybe the attic surrounds the living space of a home, and the heat is being[…]