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The Benefits of Smart Meters

By Jonathan Susser | June 1, 2019

Electric utilities have been installing smart meters throughout the country. Today, tens of millions can be found in homes, and they are now the most common type of meter in the U.S. The technology is a key component of the[…]

Smart Grid Increases Economic Development Opportunities

By Kristi Brodd | October 17, 2018

Economic development efforts are incredibly important for communities in order to create and retain jobs and improve quality of life. It takes a great deal of collaboration between a team of state and local partners to successfully bring new business[…]

How Will Energy Storage Impact Utilities?

By Jonathan Susser | April 30, 2018

With traditional electricity generation, utilities balance supply and demand, providing the necessary amount in real time. But what if some of that electricity could be held and then deployed when it is most needed? This idea is known as energy[…]

Smart Grid – The Grid of the Future

By Advanced Energy | December 28, 2017

We live in a time when our technologies can automatically adapt to, modify, analyze and learn from our everyday behaviors and preferences. We have smart homes, smartphones, smart cars and smart everything else, but what about what goes on behind[…]