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Advanced Energy is a nonprofit energy consulting firm. We have been working since 1980 to help businesses meet their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. We provide a practical suite of services that assist you with the planning and implementation of corporate decarbonization and sustainability initiatives. Our services include renewables planning, electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning, ISO 50001 consulting, and renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets. Please explore the information below to learn more and contact us to discuss your specific decarbonization goals.


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning

We offer a customized approach to address specific electric vehicle goals and challenges for any business. We’ll help you develop a multiyear plan to assist in your transition to electric vehicles, including an unbiased assessment of your charging station needs. Whether it’s your fleet vehicles, equipment or employees’ vehicles, we will provide you with expert support to get the most out of your journey into electric transportation.

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Renewables Planning

As a third-party engineering firm, we can assist with your entire renewables planning process. We provide unbiased recommendations to ensure you are making the best decisions for your site, including guidance on commercial solar and battery storage installations. We can help you write an RFP and evaluate bidders as an owner’s representative, and we also provide full system commissioning, including design reviews, to assist you from start to finish.

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ISO 50001

We provide step-by-step support to help your company achieve 50001 Ready recognition, ISO 50001 certification and Superior Energy Performance 50001 certification. We partner with commercial and industrial sites to guide them along the path to energy management certification, starting from wherever they may be on their strategic energy management journey all the way through the certification audit.

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Energy Assessments

Our energy assessments cover all aspects of the energy usage of commercial and industrial facilities, processes and systems. Every assessment involves evaluating energy usage and identifying areas for improvement. We provide recommendations that help you become more energy efficient and save money. We also work closely with electric utilities and can provide insight and financial analysis on the possibilities of incentives.

Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets

We offer North Carolina-based renewable energy certificates (RECs) and regional carbon offsets through our NC GreenPower program. When you work with NC GreenPower, you are supporting community projects, the local economy and the environment. All RECs are sourced from North Carolina and carbon offsets are sourced regionally from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. All carbon offsets must meet our quality criteria to ensure projects are making a positive difference.

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