Duke Energy PV Interconnection Commissioning

Advanced Energy leads Duke Energy’s PV Interconnection Commissioning in their North Carolina and South Carolina territories.

PV Interconnection Commissioning includes:

  • Review of facility as-built construction for compliance with documentation studied and approved by the utility
  • Assessment of the facility’s AC construction to ensure it is built to quality standards
  • Verification of inverter and/or customer recloser interconnection protection setpoints
  • Conducting three phase and single phase cease to energize testing


Duke Energy Distribution Construction Standards – Duke Energy’s distribution construction standards are only available through the “My Duke Energy Contractor Portal” website. Access to the contractor portal is by invitation only for solar PV developers authorized to use Duke Energy distribution construction standards. Duke Energy will provide each authorized solar PV project developer with a single login credential to the portal, which may be shared with subcontractors. Solar PV developers in need of a login credential should contact their Duke Energy account manager to request access to the portal.

Duke Energy Distribution Standards Reference Guide