Electric Transportation

Advanced Energy has been helping shape the electric transportation industry since 1989. We believe it is important to be proactive when managing a growing electric vehicle marketplace, and we are excited to share our expertise with you. We run Plug-in NC, a statewide program in North Carolina that increases education and awareness around electric vehicles, and we partner with utilities, builders, governments, businesses and schools to assist with their electric vehicle efforts.


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning

We offer a customized approach to address specific electric vehicle goals and challenges for any business. We’ll help you develop a multiyear plan to assist in your transition to electric vehicles, including an unbiased assessment of your charging station needs. Whether it’s your fleet vehicles, equipment or employees’ vehicles, Advanced Energy will provide you with expert support to get the most out of your journey into electric transportation.

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Electric Vehicle Trainings

Our customized trainings help to educate utilities and businesses on a variety of topics. We have delivered hundreds of electric vehicle trainings on vehicle and charging station basics, workplace charging, residential charging, utility strategies and more. We offer both in-person and virtual trainings.

Electric Vehicle Marketing Toolkit

We provide resources for utilities and businesses to use to increase awareness and support staff and customers in their decision to purchase electric vehicles. Marketing materials include handouts, online content and exhibit displays.