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Testing and Evaluation

Our testing services help customers improve their products, validate claims and meet standards’ requirements.  We are a trusted resource for providing testing from the envelopes of all building types to motors and drives from our internationally accredited test lab.  No matter what energy related technology we may be testing, our goal is always the same: to provide accurate data to our customers that can be used to meet regulations, improve their product and make sound, educated decisions.

Success Stories

Advanced Energy’s Motors and Drives Test Lab Wins Competitive Bid to Perform Testing for SEAD’s Motor Awards Competition

Advanced Energy’s Motors and Drives Laboratory was in a competitive bid process and wins as the top motor efficiency test lab to conduct energy use testing of electric motors. Receiving a score of 94.

Learning Point

Real Life + Modeling: The Holistic Approach

When we are called upon to conduct testing we combine energy and performance modeling with real-life conditions that we create in our lab. If we are testing a motor and drive unit, we will create the power quality conditions that unit will see in a manufacturing plant or other application. If we are testing a water heater, we will create the common usage pattern and conditions it will see in a home or commercial application.

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