We Employ a Systems Approach to Developing Training

We’ve cut our teeth and done most of our work around training, around everything from motors and industrial assessments, down to HVAC and residential issues.

Training and Education

We take great care to fully understand the problem the customer is trying to solve, and then to provide a training program that capitalizes on our three decades of training experience, but is customized to the customer’s needs. Our trainers are not merely skilled presenters—they are seasoned professionals who have first-hand working knowledge of the subjects on which they train. And we are known for our clear, easy to understand, pictorial-based training materials, and for the support and tools we provide after training

Success Stories

Visualizing Building Performance Data with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Tool

We worked together with ENERGY STAR and Oglethorpe Pwer to train and educate Oglethorpe’s Energy Strike Force team on how to use the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager tool.

Developing the "Success with" Series

Advanced Energy was called to help with this issue in Arizona and created a resource and training program to help simplify the changes and assist builders.

Learning Point

All of our training is built using an instructional design system called ADDIE:
addie model

training buildings
training map ae
alex glenn training



Electric Vehicle Strategies for Electric Cooperatives

Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity, and for good reason: they save money on gasoline, benefit the environment, require less maintenance and offer a quiet, smooth ride. With their reintroduction to the U.S. market just about seven years ago, some people are also…

Advanced Energy's Affordable Housing Programs

For nearly two decades, Advanced Energy has been transforming the affordable housing market by organizing and contributing to affordable housing programs for new and existing construction. The goal of these programs is to ensure that every home is healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and…

Advanced Energy Assists with Duke Energy’s Electric Vehicle Charging Project

Duke Energy recently announced plans to install over 200 public electric vehicle (EV) charging ports across North Carolina as part of its $1 million EV Charging Infrastructure Project. These charging ports will add to the more than 800 currently in operation throughout the state, representing…