Commercial and Industrial

Advanced Energy’s commercial and industrial team has been saving energy and money for manufacturers and building owners since the 1980s. By making your facilities and production processes more efficient, we help reduce your operational costs and increase your economic competitiveness. From helping you understand and track your electric bills to guiding you through energy management certification, we are here to help you meet your energy goals.

Electric Transportation

Advanced Energy has been helping shape the electric transportation industry since 1989. We believe it is important to be proactive when managing a growing electric vehicle marketplace, and we are excited to share our expertise with you. We run Plug-in NC, a statewide program in North Carolina that increases education and awareness around electric vehicles, and we partner with utilities, builders, governments, businesses and schools to assist with their electric vehicle efforts.

Motors and Drives

Motor-driven systems account for approximately 50 percent of all electricity generated in the world. This fact is what first attracted Advanced Energy to motors in the late 1980s, and what continues to push us today to make them as energy efficient and reliable as possible. Our team of motor and drive system engineers, combined with our internationally accredited test lab, provides a unique set of independent and unbiased services to governments, original equipment manufacturers, motor and drive manufacturers, distributors, motor repair facilities, utilities and others.


Advanced Energy ensures that renewables projects are installed to quality standards, provide optimal performance, and can be maintained for safe and reliable operation for the life of the system. Our position as an independent engineering services provider allows us to analyze facilities with a fresh and unbiased approach. We take the time to collaborate with your team from planning to installation and beyond. With our decades of experience ranging from commercial to large utility scale projects, we have the knowledge and expertise you can depend on.


Advanced Energy’s residential team works to make sure that new and existing homes are healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We partner with electric utilities, program implementers, regional energy efficiency organizations, building product manufacturers and more. Through all of our services, we promote energy efficiency in ways that benefit your organization and meet your goals.