ISO 50001

Training and technical assistance services for ISO 50001:

  1. Identify risks and opportunities to accomplishing the planned Energy Management system (EnMS).
  2. Define scope and boundaries
  3. Establish the management representative and the energy team
  4. Write and publish the energy policy
  5. Write and publish the EnMS manual and associated next level documents, specifically for ISO 50001 & Superior Energy Performance (SEP), including:
    1. Energy Planning (including use of the energy mapping spreadsheet tool)
    2. Energy Competence, Training and Awareness
    3. Energy Communications
    4. Energy Documentation Requirements
    5. Operational Controls
    6. Design and Procurement
    7. Monitoring, Measuring and Analysis
    8. Including the Energy Measurement Plan
    9. Energy Internal Audits (may be part of an existing program)
    10. Energy Nonconformities, Correction, Corrective Action and Preventive Action (may be part of an existing program)
    11. Energy Records
    12. Energy Management Review (may be part of an existing program)
  6. Review and document applicable legal and other requirements
  7. Conduct an energy review:
    1. Identify energy sources
    2. Collect and analyze energy data
    3. Identify significant energy users (SEUs)
    4. Identify relevant variables for SEUs and energy performance
  8. Establish energy baselines
  9. Establish energy process indicators (EnPIs)
  10. Establish energy objectives, targets, and action plans
  11. Determine site energy performance improvement using a linear regression model (top-down model)
  12. For applicable personnel:
    1. Verify and document competence
    2. Identify training needs related to SEUs and the EnMS
    3. Plan and conduct identified training
  13. Update the existing Client contractor guidelines document with energy aspects
  14. Establish documentation and record requirements related to energy management
  15. Establish operation controls related to energy and provide training for impacted staff and contractors
  16. Implement requirements for design/procurement including setting up the design for energy process, informing suppliers about energy performance evaluation and developing energy purchasing specifications
  17. Implement the monitoring, measurement, and analysis of all energy sources, SEUs, relevant variables, EnPIs, objectives, targets, and action plans
  18. Perform energy modeling to determine energy performance improvement
  19. Review of compliance with legal and other obligations
  20. Provide detailed Internal Auditor training
  21. Conduct internal audits
  22. Record, investigate, evaluate, and correct internal audit findings
  23. Conduct management reviews
  24. Assist with preparation and execution of Stage 1 and Stage 2 initial ISO 50001 third party initial certification audits
  25. Assist with third party ISO 50001 surveillance recertification audits
  26. Follow on service to maintain ISO 50001 Certification annually