Advanced Energy’s residential team works to make sure that new and existing homes are healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We partner with electric utilities, program implementers, regional energy efficiency organizations, building product manufacturers and more. Through all of our services, we promote energy efficiency in ways that benefit your organization and meet your goals.


Program Design and Implementation

Are you interested in starting a residential energy efficiency program? We can work with you through all stages of program design, from investigative research that helps you understand what will work best, to planning, implementation, training and analysis. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so we ensure that you and your homeowners are having the best experience possible.

Pilot Programs

Rolling out a full-scale program is not always immediately feasible. We can help you develop a pilot program to examine energy efficiency on a smaller, lower-cost scale. Just like with a larger program, we work with you to get the pilot off the ground and running and then help you evaluate it and determine next steps.

Trainings and Workshops

We have developed hundreds of customized trainings for contractors, realtors, utility staff and more that blend classroom instruction with first-hand working knowledge. Our trainings provide technical expertise and help you better understand your customers. Some of our popular trainings include:

  • Principles of building science
  • HVAC fundamentals
  • Building performance tools (testing equipment, blower doors, duct blasters, etc.)

Education and Process Development

In addition to trainings, we can work with you to develop other educational support materials that will make your processes easier. For example, we are able to design installation and best practice guides and checklists, as well as code books that simplify steps and help you succeed the first time.

Programs and Tools

Advanced Energy at Home

Advanced Energy at Home provides helpful information and advice on improving energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality in your home.

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SystemVision is the only guaranteed affordable housing program in the nation. Through a partnership with the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, SystemVision helps ensure that both new and existing homes are healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and affordable.

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HVAC Contractor Credentialing

HVAC Contractor Credentialing allows HVAC contractors to affordably obtain the credentials required to work on residential installations in the ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes program. We also support contractors’ growth and success with detailed job reviews, technical assistance and best-in-class training and resources.

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