Our consulting practice is built around a combination of exceptional technical knowledge and collaboration.  Our buildings science and engineering staff provide valuable technical consulting on virtually anything that uses energy.   What often makes our consulting effective and unique is our ability to engage stakeholders throughout the process.  We understand that our customers’ ability to achieve their goals often relies on the participation of multiple individuals and organizations.  We’ve honed our facilitative and collaborative skills so that we provide technical consulting that engages those  impacted by new initiatives in a manner promoting collaboration and buy in.

Success Stories

We were invited to plan for and implement successful emerging transportation programs, was invited to speak at the National Research Council’s Committee on “Overcoming Barriers"

Infrared Curing Increasing the Quality of Products

Louisiana-Pacific (LP) needed new curing processes or solutions that would help meet the rising demand for a profitable product while maintaining quality and decreasing production costs. The curing stage was a bottleneck for production. Advanced Energy was able to step in a achieve great results.

Learning Point

Our consulting is built on a model of collaboration with our customer and, if needed, their key stakeholders. The system we use is based on The Collaborative Operating System ( This system thinking emphasizes building a shared understanding between our consultants and our customer and then jointly defining a path forward. Every customer’s situation and needs are unique.

win win consulting

We have found that adopting a win-win orientation leads to more ownership and alignment in a group, which in turn equals more trust. By achieving trust with a project team or group, we create a foundation to have effective collaboration. Keep in mind that the content of an opportunity is the “what”, inversely the process is the “how”.  In order to collaborate, you need ownership and alignment around both.

plug in consulting
new construction consulting


Kitt Butler Celebrates 20 Years at Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy recently honored Kitt Butler for his 20 years of work at the company. Kitt started his career in the textile industry, primarily in sales, and received a degree in textile management from North Carolina State University. After moving back to the Triangle, though,…

Advanced Energy Welcomes Berry McMurray as Solar Energy Technologist

Advanced Energy’s solar team is growing once again, as it welcomes Berry McMurray as a new solar energy technologist. Berry is originally from Virginia but has spent most of his life in North Carolina, and he graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree…

Advanced Energy Motors and Drives Program Update

AHRI 1210: Advanced Energy recently re-signed a contract to continue testing for the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) 1210 standard. Advanced Energy is the sole source in the world able to perform this testing, and the new contract will allow the lab to carry…