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Motor driven systems are estimated to account for approximately 50 percent of all electricity generated in the world. This fact is what first attracted Advanced Energy to motors in the late 1980s, and why we continue to work diligently today to make motor driven systems as energy efficient and reliable as possible. Our team of motor and drive system engineers, combined with our internationally accredited test lab, provides a unique set of independent and unbiased services to governments, original equipment manufacturers, motor and drive manufacturers, utilities, distributors, motor repair facilities and others.



Testing motors and drives is the foundation for everything our team does.  Do you need to validate a new motor and/or drive for your application? Have a challenging motor design problem to solve? Need motor efficiency or safety compliance for codes and regulations? Are you interested in variable frequency drive performance? Have motor reliability concerns? Need to review warranty claims or gain confidence in your motor repairs?  We can help!

The procedures our test lab follows are well documented, traceable, and repeatable. All of our accreditations are based on ISO Guide 17025, which means we are always in calibration and highly accurate. ISO guide 17025 is specific to test laboratories and is the foundation of how we maintain our lab and approach all of our testing. We offer more than 100 years of combined engineering experience and have performed detailed tests on more than 3,000 motors in our lab.

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Advanced Energy offers certification and designation services for:

  • AHRI 1210
  • NORMA Oficial Mexicana (NOM)
  • AEDM Subsequent Verification
  • DOE Motor Efficiency Compliance Certification


Reducing energy costs while improving motor driven systems can be simple with improved motor management practices. Our educational workshops and training classes are tailored to your needs, combining classroom instruction and hands-on activities. Best of all, we bring our world-class training directly to you, or we can host in our state-of-the-art training facility. Professional development hours and Continuing Educations Units are available with our motor and drive classes.

Our workshops are tailored for a variety of audiences interested in achieving energy savings and reliability improvements with motor driven systems. Participants include motor end users, trade associations, utility account representatives, motor service centers, government contractors, professional engineers, technicians and others with an interest in motors and drives.

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Our motors and drives experts get excited about solving problems no one else has solved. We have an entrepreneurial spirit to find solutions with real world possibilities, and we embrace new ideas and new ways of thinking. We also actively engage in cooperative partnerships to develop  research opportunities.

Motor and drive technologies are continually emerging and they require the development of test standards for clarification and comparison. Advanced Energy is helping to define these standards with expert testing and new methods. New permanent magnet motor designs, and others, are developing quickly for applications ranging from appliances to transportation. Efficiency regulations are expanding to new motor types and motor driven systems. Advanced Energy is helping to make sure all of these products can be tested accurately, and investigating the impacts they may offer for energy savings and reliability.

New ideas are also being considered and developed for many motor and drive applications. We get an early look at many of these technologies and help to move these ideas to the market through prototype testing. Working with inventors on new motor designs is some of the most fun and exciting work we do in our lab. Advanced Energy conducts and supports research in the evolving field of motors and drives under grants from the U.S. Department of Energy, other state agencies, utilities and industry.


Proven Efficiency Verification

Quality is important in any process, especially in motor repair. If you are paying for motor repair, you should have a specification that your motor repair vendor can meet. If you are selling motor repair, you should have a documented quality process to meet the increasing demands of your customers.  If you are a utility that offers energy efficiency programs to motor users, adding a motor repair component to your program offering can add significant kWh and demand savings to your portfolio while expanding sales of other incentivized items such as drives and pumps. Advanced Energy offers a quality assurance program for motor repair called Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) that mutually benefits motor repair purchasers and providers.

In the first year, PEV includes a thorough onsite evaluation of the motor service center’s ability to maintain efficiency during the repair process. Once completed, before and after repair testing is conducted to validate the motor service center’s capabilities. Additionally, there are annual renewal requirements to be met each year in order to maintain certification.

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EASA Accreditation

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) officially launched the EASA Accreditation program in June 2014. With input from a committee of industry experts, and based on the EASA/ANSI AR 100 specification, the EASA Accreditation program was developed by the motor repair industry for the motor repair industry. With our experience in electric motor repair, we were selected as a third-party auditor for this program.

The Accreditation program works on a three year cycle, where an on-site audit is required in the first year. Internal audits are then required in the following two years with oversight provided from the auditor. The program cycle repeats in the fourth year, when a second site visit by the auditor is required to maintain accreditation.

To get started motor service centers must file an EASA Accreditation Application directly with EASA. From there, Advanced Energy will provide complete program guidance with pre-audit conference calls, clarification on any program requirements, and advice on our most common findings and how to avoid them.

Advanced Energy has been an Allied Member of EASA for over 20 years. Over that long history, we have had the good fortune to participate on the Technical Committee, speak at the International, Regional and Chapter level conferences, and have always remained true to our cause of energy efficiency. Few relationships last this long, and it is because of the people and the valuable services that all EASA members provide. If you are interested in the EASA Accreditation Program and are considering your third-party auditor, why not consider working with a fellow EASAn?

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AHRI Certified VFD Program

Advanced Energy is the sole source in the world authorized to perform AHRI 1210 testing. AHRI 1210 is a voluntary standard that was written and developed by leading variable frequency drive manufacturers in the HVAC industry. To meet the standard, drive manufacturers must report values of system efficiency, total harmonic distortion, peak voltage and rise time to AHRI for each VFD model they want to be certified. A random subset of drives is then selected by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and delivered to the Advanced Energy lab for testing. Advanced Energy tests each of the selected drives and sends the results back to UL, who verifies whether they are compliant with those reported by the manufacturer. If they are, that model of drives becomes certified by AHRI 1210.

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AEP Ohio EMotor Rewind

Advanced Energy partners with AEP Ohio to support their EMotor Rewind Program. The EMotor Rewind Program is designed for small to large companies in the industrial/manufacturing sector to provide incentives to customers and certified motor services centers to promote energy efficient rewinds. The program covers three-phase induction motors rated from 100 to 5,000 horsepower. Motors must be rewound as per the Advanced Energy Proven Efficiency Verification program guidelines.

AEDM Subsequent Verification

We help our motor manufacturer customers achieve efficiency compliance and stay in compliance to legally distribute electric motors in commerce in the United States. One way we do this is by providing complete Alternative Efficiency Determination Method (AEDM) compliance services to make sure our clients are prepared for a potential DOE inspection.

We offer two programs to help our clients maintain sufficient records. The first is for clients who have achieved or are working toward National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) compliance. This program involves testing a few basic models per year per AEDM in a chosen NVLAP lab, with reports sent to Advanced Energy for verification to the AEDM. Advanced Energy defines the motor test plan, reviews all test reports and creates the documentation necessary to maintain the “subsequent verification of an AEDM.”

Our second AEDM maintenance program is for customers who do not have a NVLAP lab or are not planning to obtain this accreditation (though we do offer programs to motor manufacturers interested in obtaining NVLAP accreditation for their own labs.) Under this program, we perform all of the items listed above along with testing from our own NVLAP lab. We help each customer select a few basic models per AEDM, test them and prepare the necessary documentation for record-keeping. We analyze the database of your motor models on file with the DOE each year and make sure we vary testing to include as many basic models (over time) as possible.

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In 1997, Advanced Energy became the first motor lab in the world to be accredited for motor efficiency testing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Code: 200081-0). We remain the only independent motor lab in North America to hold this accreditation which makes us uniquely qualified to help evaluate and validate motors, drives and related products.

ANCE MRA Renewal & NOM Designation

Advanced Energy recently renewed its mutual recognition agreement with the Asociación Nacional de Normalización y Certificación, A.C. (ANCE) to test to two standards: NOM-016-ENER-2016 (for three-phase motors) and NOM-014-ENER-2004 (for single-phase motors). Since 2012, Advanced Energy has been the only independent motor efficiency testing lab outside of Mexico to receive NORMA Oficial Mexicana (NOM) designation for electric motor testing.

ISO/IEC 17025 Test Lab

Advanced Energy’s motors and drives lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 through the NVLAP accreditation program. Each year Advanced Energy has demonstrated its commitment to quality and high competence in producing valid results.  We follow these international guidelines to promote confidence in our results and our independence as a test laboratory.

ANSI ISO/IEC 17065 Certification Body

Advanced Energy is recognized by ANSI as a Certification Body to ISO/IEC 17065 for Energy Efficiency Verification Services including small electric motor, electric motors, and generators.

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