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Our program design and implementation philosophy is built on the notion that our customers are unique and require unique solutions.  In designing and implementing programs, we use a market-oriented approach that builds upon our knowledge and more than 35 years of experience, but is tailored to the market our customer seeks to serve.  We may employ research, testing, and education to design the best program that is right for each situation. In short, our program design process begins in the same place each time: listening to our client’s unique needs.

Success Stories

Developing the "Success with" Series

Piloting a Residential Energy Efficiency Program for SMEPA

Your Direct Guide to Energy Usage, Planning and Savings: Energy Manager on Loan

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Advanced Energy’s Long Relationship with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association Inc. is the leading international trade organization in electrical and mechanical equipment sales, service and repairs for motors, pumps, generators, drives and more. Each year, EASA hosts its international convention that brings service centers together with motor and drive manufacturers,…

Advanced Energy Welcomes Brett Elizondo as a Motors and Drives Co-op

Advanced Energy and the Motors and Drives team are happy to welcome Brett Elizondo as a new co-op through North Carolina State University’s Cooperative Education Program. Brett was born and raised in Raleigh and is currently majoring in mechanical engineering at N.C. State with a…

Taking the Vents Out of Vented Crawl Spaces

Crawl space foundations are a popular feature in building construction throughout the United States. They are a go-to for most households because they are cheaper than full basements but more functional than slab foundations. These spaces offer convenient locations for plumbing, electrical lines, and ductwork…