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Crawlspaces and Floors

By Kristi Brodd | November 22, 2017

Q: Will closing my crawl space vents keep the floors of my home warmer in the winter? A: I genuinely wish merely closing crawl space vents would make magic happen – warmer floors, no frozen pipes, no bugs – but[…]

Radon and Crawlspaces

By Kristi Brodd |

Q: I’m having a baby soon and my friend recommended that I test our house for radon before the baby arrives. We live in eastern North Carolina in a house with a crawlspace. I thought that radon wasn’t a problem[…]

Musty Crawlspace

By Kristi Brodd |

Q: My parents’ home occasionally has a musty odor when I visit. They spend a lot of time indoors and seem to have gotten used to the smell. I’m worried that it could affect their health or the quality of[…]

Kitt Butler Celebrates 20 Years at Advanced Energy

By Kristi Brodd | November 21, 2017

Advanced Energy recently honored Kitt Butler for his 20 years of work at the company. Kitt started his career in the textile industry, primarily in sales, and received a degree in textile management from North Carolina State University. After moving[…]

Advanced Energy Motors and Drives Program Update

By Jonathan Susser | November 2, 2017

AHRI 1210: Advanced Energy recently re-signed a contract to continue testing for the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) 1210 standard. Advanced Energy is the sole source in the world able to perform this testing, and the new contract will[…]

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Case Study: Brunswick Electric

By Kristi Brodd |

Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, is the name for new technologies that provide two-way communication with smart meters. The technologies enable electric companies to analyze energy usage, identify potential problems, provide better electric service and implement programs that can help[…]

Advanced Energy Attends SEEA & AESP Conference

By Jonathan Susser | October 3, 2017

Advanced Energy is excited to attend the 2017 SEEA & AESP Southeast Conference, which is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, from Oct. 16-18, 2017. The theme of this year’s event is “Transform,” and the schedule emphasizes this idea, focusing on[…]