Advanced Energy Welcomes Aaron Kienow as a Building Performance Analyst

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Aaron Kienow as a building performance analyst. Aaron was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and moved to North Carolina after high school. He went on to attend Central Carolina Community College, where he earned a degree in sustainable technologies with a focus on green building design.

Before enrolling at Central Carolina, Aaron worked in the food industry for 10 years and then in the agriculture space, serving as a farm educator and produce broker. Although Central Carolina offers a degree in sustainable agriculture, Aaron was drawn to the more-technical sustainable technologies program. It turned out that one of Aaron’s instructors, Tommy Blair, is a former employee of Advanced Energy. Tommy told Aaron about the organization, and it seemed to align well with his interests. A couple of years after graduating, Aaron contacted Advanced Energy, which happened to be hiring for a new residential team member.

As a building performance analyst, Aaron spends much of his time in the field. He is currently supporting two initiatives. In one, he is helping to understand the electricity use of mobile homes by installing data monitoring equipment on appliances and circuits. In the other, he is performing energy modeling and home inspections for the SystemVision program. With his background in education, he hopes to assist with developing trainings and instructional materials as well.

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys rock climbing and traveling. He also loves community-building and connecting friends and colleagues with one another.

Aaron’s prior experience makes him a great fit for Advanced Energy. He is excited to develop and learn with the residential team, and they are excited to benefit from his knowledge and skills.