Advanced Energy Welcomes David Farmer as a Senior Engineer

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome David Farmer as a new senior engineer. David comes to Advanced Energy with more than three decades of experience in the electric power sector. He most recently worked at Pike Engineering, where he spent nearly 18 years as the engineering manager for a division that performed system planning, data analytics and grid modernization studies for electric utilities. He is also a licensed professional engineer in multiple states.

Signs of David’s future interest in engineering could be seen from a young age. He excelled at math and science and enjoyed learning about the inner mechanisms of devices. He went on to earn a degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia University Institute of Technology and then landed in the power industry through a role at Carolina Power & Light Company.

Working in the Raleigh area, David had become familiar with Advanced Energy over the years, particularly through its Exploring North Carolina Smart Grid project. When he saw the engineer position open up, he jumped on it. “It seemed like the job description was written for me,” he said.

Although David started just a few weeks ago, he is already engaged in the day-to-day flow of the company. So far, he’s been getting up to speed on projects in electric transportation, residential energy efficiency and grid modernization, but he’ll be able to lend his expertise elsewhere as opportunities arise.

In his spare time, David enjoys gardening as well as running and biking the Triangle’s greenway system. He also loves playing with his young grandchildren.

David’s years of experience and knowledge of the industry will allow him to effectively respond to the challenges facing the energy sector and utilities community. He will be able to provide value to many of Advanced Energy’s efforts, and the company is excited to have him on board.