Advanced Energy Welcomes Ethan Garrott as a Motors and Drives Co-op

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Ethan Garrott as a motors and drives co-op through NC State University’s Cooperative Education Program. Ethan was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, and headed to Raleigh to attend NC State. He is currently a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.

Ethan decided to pursue engineering after enjoying coursework he took while attending community college. When it came time to explore co-op opportunities at NC State, he had a chance to tour Advanced Energy’s motors lab. Seeing what he would be doing day to day, he knew it would be a good fit.

Ethan joined the lab a couple of weeks ago and has been quickly learning the ropes from the rest of the team. In his new role, he is helping to handle, align, test and log motors while navigating the guidelines in place due to COVID-19. Overall, he will complete three rotations at Advanced Energy, gaining independence and additional responsibilities along the way.

When he isn’t in school or working, Ethan can be found doing any number of outdoor activities. Most recently, he has taken up disc golf.

Ethan is excited to support the lab and gain hands-on experience he can use down the road, and the motors and drives team is grateful for the opportunity to mentor future engineers.