Advanced Energy Welcomes Jamie Richard as a Motors and Drives Co-op

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Jamie Richard as a motors and drives co-op through NC State University’s Cooperative Education Program. Jamie was born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina, and is currently a sophomore at NC State, where he is studying mechanical engineering.

Two facts about Jamie help explain his interest in engineering: He has a strong desire to learn how things work (often by breaking them down) and he has a knack for the STEM fields. He settled on mechanical engineering specifically once he enrolled at NC State. When it was time to choose a co-op position, the motor lab at Advanced Energy seemed like a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and apply what he had been absorbing in the classroom.

Jamie joined the lab a few weeks ago and has been quickly learning the ropes from second-rotation co-op Tristen Barron, engineering intern (and former co-op) Ethan Garrott and the rest of the group. In his new role, he is helping to handle, test and log motors and variable frequency drives. Overall, he will spend three rotations in the lab, gaining independence and additional responsibilities along the way.

Jamie spends much of his spare time with the Pack Motorsports Baja club, a student-run organization at NC State that designs and builds one-seat off-road buggy vehicles. The crew hopes to have their vehicle driving by April, in preparation for competitions that begin in May. Jamie also enjoys many outdoor activities, including hiking, trout fishing and water sports.

The motors and drives team is excited to have Jamie’s help and to mentor another future engineer, and Jamie is eager to make the most of this opportunity.