Advanced Energy Welcomes Michael Matthews as a Building Science Technician

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Michael Matthews as a building science technician. Michael was raised in Cary, North Carolina, and earned a degree in landscape architecture from Wake Technical Community College.

Over the last decade, Michael has gained significant experience in energy efficiency and sustainable living. He spent four years performing weatherization services on older existing homes – working on more than 1,000 in all – and then went on to design energy efficiency portfolios, particularly around LED upgrades, for businesses.

Michael, however, was looking to get back to his passion for the built environment. He had grown familiar with Advanced Energy through his wife, Kristi Matthews, who worked for the company for more than a decade, and when the building science technician position opened up, it seemed like a great fit. Michael would be able to return to the residential market and take on an exciting next challenge by focusing on new construction rather than existing homes.

In his new role, Michael will dedicate much of his time to supporting SystemVision, one of Advanced Energy’s affordable housing programs. SystemVision uses practical solutions and simplified processes to aid developers and builders in designing, constructing and marketing affordable homes. Therefore, Michael will frequently be out in the field, testing and advising on how to build more efficiently.

When he’s not working, Michael likes spending time outdoors and can often be found hiking and camping. He also enjoys being an assistant coach of his daughter’s soccer team.

With Michael’s background and technical expertise, he will make an immediate impact on Advanced Energy’s residential team, and they are excited to have him on board.