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Problem-Free Closed Crawls

By Jonathan Susser | September 6, 2019

This article was written by Advanced Energy’s Alex Glenn and Tommy Blair and was originally published as part of The Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) newsletter. For more articles, visit Roughly 15% to 20% of homes built in[…]

Motor and Variable Frequency Drive Validation

By Jonathan Susser | August 14, 2019

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use electric motors to drive the machinery they produce, which can range from hand-held kitchen appliances to large industrial production equipment. While some OEMs build their own motors or purchase motor parts for specific fitting into[…]

Vicky McCann Celebrates 20 Years at Advanced Energy

By Jonathan Susser | June 5, 2019

We are excited to recognize Vicky McCann for her 20 years at Advanced Energy! Vicky joined Advanced Energy in a business development role but has spent the majority of her career in client services, establishing and maintaining relationships and acting[…]

Electrifying Transportation in North Carolina

By Jonathan Susser | June 4, 2019

As more and more people trade in the gas pump for a charging cord to fuel their vehicles, North Carolina’s utilities and communities are responding. New initiatives are promoting electric vehicle (EV) adoption, spreading awareness and supporting the electric grid[…]