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Success with Energy Code: Online Resources

By Kristi Brodd | July 26, 2015

Over the last few years, states have begun adopting higher, more stringent building energy codes.  Then and now, states have lacked a standardized way of providing guidance, training and quality control processes for implementing building energy code standards. Advanced Energy[…]

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Research for Schools

By Kristi Brodd | July 22, 2015

Advanced Energy evaluated the performance of an A.O. Smith commercial electric air-source heat pump water heater installed at Rand Road Elementary School in Garner, North Carolina. The heat pump water heating system was installed in early July 2012 and had operational[…]

Commercial Building Analytics: Energy Use During the Summer

By Kristi Brodd |

Commercial buildings waste as much as 35% of the energy they consume as a result of degraded equipment, poor building controls, ventilation or pressurization issues, and ineffective systems. With commercial building analytics, these losses can be identified, isolated and resolved.[…]

Strengthening the “V” in HVAC

By Kristi Brodd |

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are often sold with slogans that revolve around comfort. You might hear, “Comfort, it’s what we do best” or “You’re always comfortable with us.” Unfortunately, these catchphrases omit an integral part–and one quarter[…]

Taking Charge of Electronics

By AE Support | July 13, 2015

Q: I have a lot of electronics in my home. How do I make sure I’m using as little energy as possible with so many devices plugged in around the house? A: There is an overwhelming abundance of electronics available[…]

The PEV Usage Study: Identifying Barriers

By Kristi Brodd | July 8, 2015

Advanced Energy’s Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Consumer Usage study began in January 2012. For two years, the study took an in-depth look at the driving and charging trends of 40 all-electric vehicles in order to document and evaluate general characteristics[…]