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on the house 2015
Making Energy Affordable in Manufactured Homes

By AE Support | December 3, 2014

Q: I live in a mobile home with extremely high utility bills. What can I do to lower them? A: It is overwhelming to have astronomical utility bills for a modest home. Mobile homes—now called manufactured homes—became popular in the[…]

on the house 2015
Baby, It’s Cold Inside

By AE Support | November 13, 2014

Q: I have a baby on the way and am concerned about her room staying adequately warm. Even with our thermostat set to 70 degrees, her bedroom is often 60 degrees on cold days. I used an electric space heater[…]

on the house 2015
Piecing Together a Closed Crawl Space

By AE Support | October 22, 2014

Q: I’d like to close my crawl space, but I’m not sure where to begin. A company that does pest control and crawl space work gave me a quote that includes closing the vents, laying plastic over the soil and[…]

on the house 2015
Pondering Crawl Space Vents

By AE Support | September 29, 2014

Q: I would like to replace the raggedy crawl space vents under my home. What kind of replacement vents are best? A: Crawl space vents are those 8-inch-tall, 16-inch-wide holes scattered around the perimeter of most foundation walls. They are[…]

on the house 2014
Cleaning Ducts for Health and Savings

By AE Support | September 26, 2014

Q: Will cleaning the inside of my heating and air conditioning ducts improve the air in my house and save energy? A: Research showing energy savings from duct cleaning is lacking. There is some research suggesting that cleaning the blower[…]

pev program
Proven Efficiency Verification for Motor Repair

By Kristi Brodd | August 10, 2014

Advanced Energy’s quality assurance program for motor repair to ensure consistency and maintained efficiency Become a PEV partner today! Download the application here. Offer your customers high-quality repairs that restore efficient and reliable motors to operation. Motor repair service centers[…]

on the house 2015
Feeling Muggy Indoors: Part II

By AE Support | July 24, 2014

Q: My house occasionally feels uncomfortably humid. Would a stand-alone dehumidifier be a good way to fix this problem? A: When your house feels muggy, as mentioned in last month’s article, it is best to start by finding and controlling[…]

on the house 2015
Feeling Muggy Indoors

By AE Support | June 10, 2014

Q: My house feels uncomfortably humid. Would a stand-alone dehumidifier be a good way to fix this problem? A: A stand-alone dehumidifier may solve the problem temporarily, but figuring out the source of the problem will lead to a long-term[…]

on the house 2015
Making Cents of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

By AE Support | May 30, 2014

Q: I have heard that the price for solar panels is dropping and incentives are available this year. What should I consider before taking the plunge? Would it be a good investment? A: Now is a terrific time to consider[…]