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Washing Clothes Affordably

By AE Support | May 13, 2015

Q: My washing machine is finally starting to wear out. I’m assuming that an ENERGY STAR® washing machine is a good bet but there are still so many choices! How do I choose? A: Choosing one clothes washer amidst the[…]

Changing Minds to Change Light Bulbs

By AE Support | April 13, 2015

Q: I am eager for my parents to use less energy in our home. I think it will be an easy way for my family to make an impact on climate change. My parents are uninterested; is there a way[…]

Windows: Preserving Character, Comfort & Costs

By AE Support | March 13, 2015

Q: I’ve been considering replacing the windows in my home. I have heard conflicting information about whether it is wise to replace windows, repair windows or install storm windows. How should I navigate the options? A: Windows can be a[…]

Finding an Energy Efficient Rental

By AE Support | February 13, 2015

Q: I am living in a rental home with very high utility bills and plan to move soon. What can I do to make sure my next rental has more affordable bills? A: This winter in North Carolina has given[…]

The Value of ENERGY STAR® Homes

By AE Support | January 13, 2015

Q: I am eager to downsize and purchase a smaller home. My children have moved out and I plan to retire soon. I’ve encountered a few ENERGY STAR® homes and am curious about the benefits or drawbacks of living in[…]

Save Money with Space Heaters

By AE Support | December 17, 2014

Q: Like a lot of families, our budget is extremely tight this year. My wife lost her job, and we’re really struggling to get by each month. Winter will be here soon, so we’ve been thinking about ways to lower[…]

Making Energy Affordable in Manufactured Homes

By AE Support | December 3, 2014

Q: I live in a mobile home with extremely high utility bills. What can I do to lower them? A: It is overwhelming to have astronomical utility bills for a modest home. Mobile homes—now called manufactured homes—became popular in the[…]

Baby, It’s Cold Inside

By AE Support | November 13, 2014

Q: I have a baby on the way and am concerned about her room staying adequately warm. Even with our thermostat set to 70 degrees, her bedroom is often 60 degrees on cold days. I used an electric space heater[…]

Piecing Together a Closed Crawl Space

By AE Support | October 22, 2014

Q: I’d like to close my crawl space, but I’m not sure where to begin. A company that does pest control and crawl space work gave me a quote that includes closing the vents, laying plastic over the soil and[…]

Pondering Crawl Space Vents

By AE Support | September 29, 2014

Q: I would like to replace the raggedy crawl space vents under my home. What kind of replacement vents are best? A: Crawl space vents are those 8-inch-tall, 16-inch-wide holes scattered around the perimeter of most foundation walls. They are[…]