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Balancing Hot and Cold Rooms

By AE Support | January 19, 2014

Q: When the bedroom doors are shut at night and the heat is running, my master bedroom gets unbearably hot. Other than keeping the doors open, what can be done to remedy this problem? A: Keeping interior doors open may[…]

Sealing Leaks to Save Money

By AE Support | November 2, 2013

Q: How much can I save by covering electric outlets and sealing holes in walls around outdoor faucets and wiring? A: Sealing these holes is fine to do. It will cut down on drafts, make your house more comfortable and[…]

Picking the Right ENERGY STAR® Appliances

By AE Support | October 15, 2013

Q: We’re planning to redo our kitchen and started looking at new appliances. When we asked the salesperson about ENERGY STAR® and energy efficiency in general, he basically said it’s all a bunch of hype and we should get appliances[…]

Do Auto-Closing Heat Vents Save Energy?

By AE Support | August 31, 2013

Q: A friend recently sent me information about a product that automatically closes heating/cooling registers based on the temperature in the room and asked me what I thought. The manufacturer claims substantial energy savings and comfort improvement. The units, which[…]

Venting Your Dryer

By AE Support | July 17, 2013

Q: Is it a good idea to get a device that attaches to the dryer vent, collects lint and directs air into the house instead of outside? A: Dryers are significant users of energy. They suck air from the house[…]

General Energy Savings Influencers

By AE Support | June 7, 2013

Q: I’d like to reduce my energy bills to save money and improve the environment, but I find a lot of conflicting information about the best ways to do it. What can I do in my home that will really[…]

Dealing with Mold in Your House

By AE Support | May 24, 2013

Q: How dangerous is mold? A: Unfortunately, the answer is not easy. There are some molds that are very toxic to people, but it is more common for people with conditions like asthma and allergies to react to molds, which[…]

Turning off Air Conditioning for Savings

By AE Support | April 11, 2013

Q: Should I turn off my air conditioning when I go on summer vacation? A: Shutting off your air conditioning will save money on your electric bill, but there is a reasonable chance you will have to spend a lot[…]

Electric Blankets for Water Heaters

By AE Support | March 30, 2013

Q: I just read a money saving article that says I can save “up to $200 a year” by installing an insulation blanket around my electric water heater. I’ve seen these for sale at the local hardware store for about[…]

Managing Window Condensation

By AE Support | February 21, 2013

Q: How can I address condensation on my windows? Are energy-efficient windows a good idea? A: In North Carolina and most of the U.S., you can expect window replacements to pay for themselves with energy savings in 40 to 80[…]