Outreach and Promotion

Outreach and Promotion

We develop materials and outreach campaigns to assist our clients in educational efforts and promotion of various energy topics and programs. We work with our clients to identify the information they would like to share and then create handouts, videos, website content, social media posts, table displays and more to help them reach their customers.


Beneficial Electrification Handouts

We worked with Duke Energy, Dominion Energy and North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives to develop multiple handouts focused on beneficial electrification education. Topics included electric forklifts, electric transport refrigeration units, electric irrigation pumps, infrared heating, industrial heat pumps and more.

Closed Crawl Spaces Education

In the mid-2000s, we received a federal grant to study insulated crawl spaces without vents to the outside. We found that these closed crawl spaces can significantly improve moisture control and energy efficiency. Since then, we have worked to increase education and awareness of closed crawl spaces through online resources, trainings and conference presentations.

Beneficial Electrification Handouts

Each year, many of our staff members are invited to present at conferences and workshops as subject matter experts. Our presenters have attended local, national and international conferences to educate participants on various energy topics. We also participate in events on behalf of our clients.

Content Collaboration Center

Through our Content Collaboration Center, we provide an opportunity for electric utilities to easily access educational and instructional content that can be shared with their account representatives, members and customers.

Energy Solutions Fact Sheets

We partnered with Touchstone Energy to create energy fact sheets on electric vehicles, battery storage, smart home technologies and advanced metering infrastructure. The fact sheets were developed in English and Spanish and distributed to electric cooperatives across the country to be used with their members.

Electric Vehicle License Plate

To increase awareness of electric vehicles, we are currently working with our Plug-in NC program partners to get North Carolina an electric vehicle specialty license plate.

Electric Vehicle Road Trip

We collaborated with our member utilities and embarked on a weeklong, 1,245-mile electric journey through North Carolina and Virginia in celebration of National Drive Electric Week. Relying heavily on social media, we spread the word about electric vehicles with both new audiences and long-time supporters in an engaging and interactive format.

eTRU Education

We worked with North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association to increase education around electric transport refrigeration units (eTRUs) by developing a handout and cost-savings calculator.

Exploring NC Smart Grid

We have managed this program since 2017 to provide government and business stakeholders with a convenient way to learn how the smart grid is changing North Carolina’s future. We host multiple webinars each year, provide resources, write articles and create case studies.

NC GreenPower

NC GreenPower’s statewide Speakers Bureau provides free presentations to any group, business or organization that has an interest in learning more about clean energy, Solar+ Schools, carbon offsets and more. We also provide energy- and carbon-saving idea fliers.

On The House Column

We have been researching and writing articles for Carolina Country’s “On the House” column for over a decade. These articles focus on home improvement, energy savings and other topics of interest to North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives residential members.

Plug-in NC

Our North Carolina statewide electric vehicle education program was created in 2011 to increase awareness of and promote driving electric. To support the program, we manage a website, create materials, host webinars, develop newsletters, plan events and implement various communications campaigns.