About Us

Advanced Energy's Credentialing Program
Advanced Energy’s HVAC contractor credentialing program launched in October of 2012 to offer HVAC contractors an affordable, supportive and valuable credentialing program. Our program serves to not only help HVAC contractors become credentialed in the ENERGY STAR program, but to also support their growth and success with detailed job reviews, technical assistance and best-in-class training and resources.

Who we Are
Advanced Energy is an ENERGY STAR award-winning nonprofit organization. As a planning, engineering and technical services firm focused on providing market-based approaches to energy efficiency solutions, we have more than 30 years’ experience in the building science, energy efficiency and HVAC industries. We have been working with the ENERGY STAR homes program since its inception in 1995, and we are honored to have received the following ENERGY STAR awards:
  • ENERGY STAR for Homes Leadership in Housing (2004–2006, 2008–2010, 2012–2013)
  • ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year (2007, 2010)
  • ENERGY STAR for Homes Outstanding Achievement Award (2007)
We continually contribute to the national requirements and create industry-leading guidebooks, training workshops and other resources that support the success of HVAC contractors and others in the program.

Meet the Team
Jonathan Coulter
Jonathan Coulter, Senior Building Science Consultant Linked–in Profile
Jonathan is a certified HERS Rater, Quality Assurance Designee for other Raters and building science consultant. Jonathan supports our members by developing best-in-class resources, helpful frequently–asked questions and providing feedback to the ENERGY STAR program that shape the program’s standards and requirements.
Shaun Hassel
Shaun Hassel, Building Science Specialist and Trainer Linked–in Profile
Shaun has been working in the ENERGY STAR program since he started with Advanced Energy in 2005. He has been responsible for some of the best training materials developed in the program and performs field–based training and consulting for utility, builder, and other clients throughout the country. Shaun supports our members by performing trainings, developing resources and materials to support member work and bringing improvement opportunities in the ENERGY STAR program to key decision-makers.
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, HVAC Specialist
Chris is a licensed HVAC Contractor and building science consultant and trainer. With his many years of experience in the field performing ENERGY STAR and other HVAC installations, Chris supports our members by performing job reviews and providing feedback via email, phone and on-site meetings.
Our HVAC Advisory Board
Advanced Energy is fortunate to rely on a volunteer HVAC Advisory Board that helps guide the organization’s interactions within the HVAC industry and ENERGY STAR programs. This Board is comprised of respected national leaders in the HVAC industry, known for supporting energy efficiency and the quality work of HVAC contractors in the program.