We are the provider of choice for HVAC contractors seeking the credential required to work on residential installations in the ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes program.

We are a leading national credentialing organization with experience providing quality assurance services to HVAC contractors on the ENERGY STAR standards. As your trusted HVAC partner in the ENERGY STAR program, Advanced Energy provides:
  • Best-in-class ENERGY STAR training to your company’s staff and subcontractors
  • Friendly and expert technical assistance via email and phone
  • Quality assurance services that meet the ENERGY STAR program’s minimum requirements
  • Industry-leading technical guides and on–the–job checklists that support quality installation
  • Responses to important and urgent email and phone questions within 24 hours
  • Resources to ensure your company earns and keeps its credential by performing quality HVAC installations in the program

We Support Your ENERGY STAR Work
We believe that earning and keeping your credential should be more meaningful and valuable than just paying for a certificate. We support your company’s continued success or growth from a new or novice ENERGY STAR contractor to one that exceeds the requirements on every job.

We Assure Your Quality Installations
We want to help your business grow and succeed. Our expert technicians are available to provide feedback that can save you time and money while improving quality.

Become a Member
Join our network of credentialed HVAC contractors working in the ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes program today! We offer a simple, three-step online process to become a member and earn your company’s credential:
  1. Complete and submit your membership enrollment application online.
  2. Take our online training and pass the quizzes.
  3. Receive your membership welcome package via email with a certificate and helpful resources, including a copy of our Technical Guide via mail.