Blue Gears
Clients drive our business. We take pride and special care with all of our client requests and needs. Approximately 70 percent of our work is from repeat clients. Once you choose to work with Advanced Energy’s Motor and Drive Team you have a trusted resource for life.

Three of the major values we provide on all of our projects are independence, flexibility, and accuracy. Whether we are testing to a recognized standard or developing a custom test for a specific product we always keep our client’s needs in mind. Our lab and expert staff provide a host of services and capabilities for compliance testing, product validation, product compatibility, and new product development. If you have a motor and or drive that needs testing in any stage of its development give us a call and let us go to work for you.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) More Information/Text
OEMs often purchase motors and drives in their products and many of them do not have a motor and drive expert on staff. We act as that resource when OEMs are considering new suppliers, developing new products, or investigating high warranty claims associated with motor failure.

Distributors and Importers More Information/Text
Motor and drive Distributors and Importers are consistently evaluating suppliers, expanding product offerings, reviewing delivered quality, and sometimes private labeling motors and drives.

Utilities More Information/Text
Traditionally, utilities have offered motor and drive programs with incentives to their customers to upgrade efficiency and save energy. These programs have become increasingly more challenging to maintain as the federal minimum standards for motor efficiency continue to evolve. Certain utilities are offering new programs for motors and drives that continue to deliver energy savings and Advanced Energy is directly involved.

For Government Agencies More Information/Text
An integral part of establishing rules and regulations for motor efficiency is understanding how motors and drives operate, setting reasonable guidelines and targets that the motor manufacturing industry can meet, and making them enforceable.

For Motor and Drive Users More Information/Text
The operating cost (electricity used) of a motor over a projected 10-year life is between 95 and 97 percent of the total lifecycle cost. That's why developing a sound motor management policy that determines if, when, and how motors should be replaced and repaired is a wise investment. Advanced Energy specialists have the knowledge and experience to develop unbiased motor management policies for any company. These policies define the appropriate repair and replacement actions based on the company's specific motor applications and unique economic factors.