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EASA Accreditation
The motor repair industry is responding to the demand for quality motor repair that maintains efficiency and ensures reliability. In June of 2014 the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) officially launched the EASA Accreditation program. With a committee of industry experts EASA spent almost two years developing the program that is based on the EASA/ANSI AR 100 – 2010 specification. With our experience in electric motor repair Advanced Energy was selected as a third party auditor for this new program.

To get started motor service centers must file an application with EASA. Once that is completed it is a good idea for the service center to conduct an internal audit to the EASA checklist guidelines. Once a service center has reached a reasonable point of confidence then it is time to engage the auditing firm, Advanced Energy.

An on-site audit is required in the first year and then internal audits are required in the following two years with oversight provided from the auditor. In the fourth year a second site visit by the auditor is required to maintain accreditation and the cycle repeats.

Advanced Energy has been an Affiliate Member of EASA for over 20 years. Over that long history we have had the good fortune to participate on the Technical Committee, speak at the International, Regional, and Chapter level conferences and have always remained true to our cause of energy efficiency. Few relationships last this long and the main reason ours does is because of the people and the valuable services that all EASA members provide. If you are interested in the EASA Accreditation Program and are considering your third party auditor options why not consider working with a fellow EASAn. Please contact Kitt Butler or Emmanuel Agamloh to get started on EASA Accreditation today.