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Advanced Energy PEV Motor Repair
Quality is important in any process, especially in motor repair. If you are buying motor repair you should have a specification that your motor repair vendor can meet. If you are selling motor repair, you should have a documented quality process to meet the increasing energy demands of your customers.  If you are a utility that offers energy efficiency programs to motor users adding a motor repair component to the program offering can add significant kWh and demand savings to your portfolio. Advanced Energy offers a quality assurance program for motor repair called Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) that mutually benefits motor repair purchasers and providers.   

Advanced Energy has been promoting quality motor repair since the late 1990ies with our  PEV program.  Today there are several service centers who have been in our PEV Program for many years, a few of them for over a decade. In 2014, a major Investor Owned Utility added PEV to their programs for large motors.  

In the first year, PEV includes a thorough onsite evaluation of the motor service center's ability to maintain efficiency during the repair process. Once completed, before and after repair testing is conducted to validate the motor service center's capabilities. Additionally, there are annual renewal requirements to be met each year in order to maintain certification.

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