Blue Gears
Our motors and drives experts get excited about solving problems no one else has solved, and embrace new ideas and new ways of thinking. We have an entrepreneurial spirit to find solutions with real world possibilities. We actively engage in cooperative partnerships to develop new research opportunities.

New motor and drive technologies are emerging and they require new test standards for clarification and comparison. Advanced Energy is helping to define these new standards with expert testing and new methods. Increased use of motor driven systems specifically using Variable Frequency Drives are increasing demands on our utility infrastructure. New permanent magnet (PM) motor designs and others are developing quickly for applications ranging from appliances to transportation. Efficiency regulations are expanding to new motor types and motor driven systems. Advanced Energy is helping to make sure all these new products can be tested accurately and investigating the impacts they may offer for energy savings and reliability.

New ideas are being considered and developed for many motor and drive applications. We get to help move these ideas to the market through prototype testing, getting an early look at many new technologies. Working with inventors on new motor designs is some of the most fun and exciting work we do in our lab. There are many creative engineers with fresh ideas working to improve motor driven systems all the time. Advanced Energy conducts and supports research in the evolving field of motors and drives under grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), other state agencies, utilities, and industry. Visit our Resources page to view reports from research Advanced Energy has conducted.